Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mark Warner Helps Family Receive Soldiers Medals

Mark Warner
Pol Light Moment #52 took place on March 22, 2013, when Senator Mark Warner helped the Virginia family of PFC Alonzo Hayes receive the medals he earned nearly 70 years after he died in combat in World War II. Mark Warner has served as the United States Senator from Virginia since 2009.

PFC Alonzo Hayes was killed near Florence, Italy on August 22, 1944 (Source). On March 22, 2013, the family of PFC Alonzo Hayes received a Bronze Star and Purple Heart for his service. The medals should have been with Hayes when he was buried 70 years ago.  
Here is a news story of how the family of the Alonzo Haynes received the medals after 70 years. 

Lou Kadiri, who serves as the Constituent Services Director for Senator Mark Warner's office, said to the family of PFC Alonzo Hayes, "It truly, truly is an honor for the senator to help you get these medals your brother earned, that he so bravely earned (Source)."

Tollie Haynes, the younger brother of the late Alonzo Hayes said, "I am so honored to get these medals. I'll never forget him. This touches my heart. It means a great deal, just like part of him came back (Source)."

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