This blog features people from diverse political backgrounds who have done things or taken positions that I personally find inspiring, constructive, heartwarming, noble, or particularly helpful to society.  It was born out of a time when I was disillusioned with politics from both sides of the aisle, and took it upon myself to begin a journey of searching for noble things that politicians have done that I can agree with.

I appreciate these politicians for the actions discussed in the subject as they relate to my view of helping humanity, but I realize I can not know the true motivations of the people in the circumstances I have written about. I just have to take one's actions at face value. While my own views of life, faith, economics, and politics can't help but rise to the surface through what I write about (or don't write about) in this blog, the Pol Light blog is not endorsing politicians, just single issues and moments in time.

For those who believe that one party holds the monopoly on doing good, you will be disappointed with this blog as there is a fairly even split between political affiliations of the subjects featured. I think these words by Alexis De Tocqueville are the anthem for independent minds:
"There are many men of principle in both parties in America, but there is no party of principle (Brainy Quote)."
So enjoy this information no matter what your political persuasion is and maybe within this blog you can find some hope for cooperation and respect in the world of politics.

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