Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Nancy Reagan's 'Just Say No' Campaign

Nancy Reagan

Pol Light Moment #39 occurred in 1982 when Nancy Reagan (1921-2016) created and promoted a campaign to discourage children from using illegal drugs with the phrase Just Say No. It was part of the United States' War on Drugs. Nancy Reagan was the First Lady of the United States, serving from 1981-1989.

Wikipedia says, "The phrase, 'Just Say No' first emerged when Nancy Reagan was visiting Longfellow Elementary School in Oakland, California, in 1982 and was asked by a schoolgirl what to do if she was offered drugs. The first lady responded by saying, 'Just say no'.  Just Say No club organizations within schools and school-run anti-drug programs soon became common, in which young people make pacts not to experiment with drugs (Wikipedia: Just Say No)."

Nancy Reagan continued the Just Say No Campaign during the 1980's while her husband Ronald Reagan was President. Nancy Reagan said, "If you can save just one child, it's worth it (Source: YouTube Video)."

Here is Nancy Reagan describing the Just Say No Campaign in 1986.

Wikipedia has an article on the Just Say No Campaign.

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