Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ted Kulongoski Lives on Food Stamp Diet for a Week

Ted Kulongoski
Pol Light #83 is when Ted Kulongoski lived on a food stamps budget for Hunger Awareness Week in Oregon during the week of April 23, 2007. Ted Kulongoski served as the Governor of Oregon from 2003-2011.

The practice of temporarily living on a food budget equal to what the needy receive in the form of food stamps is sometimes referred to by groups as a food stamp challenge. As a sitting Governor, at the time Ted Kulongoski became one of the highest profile political figures in the 21st Century to publically take a food stamp challenge.   The average person on food stamps in Oregon in 2007 received $3.00 per day, so in keeping with that Ted Kulongoski and his wife Mary Oberst decided to jointly live on $42.00 worth of food for the week of April 23, 2007 to raise Hunger Awareness.

Here are some articles about Ted Kulongoski living on food stamps for a week.

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Photo: The photo of Ted Kulongoski is in the Public Domain.

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