Sunday, December 7, 2014

George W. Bush Kisses Nurse Who Survived Ebola

Photo of George W. Bush
George W. Bush

Pol Light #108 
is when George W. Bush visited Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, Texas on November 7, 2014, and he kissed nurse Amber Vinson who had recently recovered from Ebola. George W. Bush was the 43rd President of the United States, serving from 2001-2009.

Here is a video of George W. Bush visiting Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital and meeting Amber Vinson.

The Ebola virus disease is a disease with a high rate of fatalities once a person is infected. It was first discovered to impact humans in 1976 in Africa (Ebola Facts at CNN). The 2014 Ebola epidemic spread to the United States and Amber Vinson caught Ebola as she cared for an infected patient during the course of her duties as a nurse. After Amber Vinson passed the 21 day waiting period to be declared no longer contagious, George W. Bush affirmed her victory over Ebola when he personally kissed her and was not afraid of catching Ebola from her.

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