Saturday, January 23, 2016

Bill and Hillary Clinton Share About Marriage Counseling

Pol Light Moment #119 is when Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton shared about going through marriage counseling to save their marriage. While both had written briefly about their marriage counseling, Bill Clinton personally discussed it on the Ophrah Winfrey Show that aired on June 22, 2004. Bill Clinton was the 42nd President of the United States and served from 1993-2001. He also served as the Governor of Arkansas from 1983-1992. Hillary Clinton served as a U.S. Senator from New York from 2001-2009 and Secretary of State from 2009-2013.

Below is the portion of the Oprah Winfrey Show where Bill Clinton discussed the fact that marriage counseling with Hillary Clinton was helpful to him. In the interview Bill Clinton said, "I'm not only not ashamed for having done this counseling, I'm very proud of it. And it was helpful to me. And if it hadn't worked out for us, I would still be glad I did it (Oprah Winfrey Show, June 22, 2004)."

Books: Bill Clinton first shared about his marriage counseling in his book called My Life that was published in June 2004. Hillary Clinton also shared about her marriage counseling in her book called Living History that was first published in June 2003.

Bill and Hillary Clinton have been featured in other Pol Light moments and can be found by searching this blog with the Bill Clinton Label or the Hillary Clinton Label.

Pol Light does not endorse political candidates. We present a brighter side to politics when they are found on either side of the aisle. We don't have to agree with all of a person's politics to recognize these bright moments.

The photo of Bill and Hillary Clinton is in the Public Domain.

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