Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Laura Bush Foundation for America's Libraries Formed

Laura Bush
Pol Light Moment #132 occurred in 2002, when Laura Bush founded the Laura Bush Foundation for America's Libraries. Laura Bush was the First Lady of the United States while her husband George W. Bush served as the President of the United States from 2001-2009.

The Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries was started in 2002 as a fund of The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region in Washington DC.  In 2014 the Foundation moved to Dallas, Texas and became part of the George W. Bush Foundation.

Here is a video of Laura Bush distributing grants to school libraries in 2015.

Laura Bush was a school librarian from 1972-1977 (National First Ladies Library).  In keeping with her background, her foundation has helped pass on a love of reading to young people in needy communities. The following is the mission today of The Laura Bush Foundation for America's Libraries:
The Laura Bush Foundation for America's Libraries provides funds to our Nation's neediest schools so that they can extend, update, and diversify the book and print collections in their libraries with the goal of encouraging students to develop a love of reading and learning (Laura Bush Foundation/About).

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The photo of Laura Bush is in the Public Domain.

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