Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Charles Schumer Helps Reunite Marine with Dog

Charles Schumer
Pol Moment #18 culminated in March, 2012, when Charles Schumer helped reunite a retired marine with the dog she served with in Iraq. Charles Schumer has served in the United States Senate from 1998 to present, representing the state of New York.

Corporal Megan Leavy retired in 2007 and began a process to adopt the dog known as Sgt. Rex, that she had worked with on two tours of duty in Iraq.  The military denied Corporal Leavy's request and instead decided to keep Sgt. Rex in military service. Corporal Leavy continued to fight through redtape for five years to adopt Sgt. Rex, becoming very vocal over the years and enlisting the help of Senator Charles Schumer. Sgt. Rex's life depended on it, because after retirement the military considers old dogs as "excess", and they are sometimes euthanized.

Charles Schumer pressed the Air Force to help expedite an adoption of Sgt. Rex by Corporal Megan Leavy. An online petition was created by Charles Schumer's office that gained over 20,000 signatures. In 2012 Corporal Megan Leavy was finally reunited with Sgt. Rex, who is now 11 years of age. Here is a video of this story.

Charles Schumer said this in a press release on March 20, 2012 about the story.
We salute the Air Force and the Marines for doing the right thing and allowing Rex to be with Corporal Leavey. One canine, one human, both heroes. They should be united shortly and we’re glad it’s happening. I can think of no better ending to a story that inspired a nation than to see Sgt. Rex come home to his best friend. While millions of dog lovers across the country have a deep bond with their ‘best friend’, the bond forged between Corporal Leavey and Sgt. Rex is one that few of us will ever know. It’s only appropriate and right that the two of them enjoy their retirement from the service together. I again want to thank the Air Force and Marines for moving so quickly and I want to thank the thousands of New Yorkers and Americans who showed their support online (Source).
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Photo: The photo of Charles Schumer is in the Public Domain.

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