Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jacqueline Kennedy Thanks Country for Sympathy Cards

Pol Light Moment #23 occurred on January 14, 1964, when Jacqueline Kennedy thanked the United States for the overwhelming number of sympathy cards she received after her husband John F. Kennedy was killed. Jacqueline Kennedy was the First Lady, while her husband John F. Kennedy was the 35th President of the United States from 1961-1963.

On November 21, 1963, John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. The country mourned the loss of a President and Jacqueline Kennedy and her two children John, Jr. and Caroline received their sympathy.

The following is a video from January 14, 1964, when Jacqueline Kennedy thanked the American people for their cards and thoughts. At the time this was recorded over 800,000 had been received, but eventually 2.5 million letters would be received.

People who sent cards to Jacqueline Kennedy received a small card back that said, "Mrs. Kennedy is deeply appreciative of your sympathy and grateful for your thoughfulness (Source)."

In 2010, Ellen Fitzpatrick published a book called Letters to Jackie: Condolences from a Grieving Nation, where she shared 200 of the 2.5 million letters.  Here is a news story on the release of this book.

Jacqueline Kennedy has been featured on other Pol Light posts. To view other posts search with the label Jacqueline Kennedy. For more information on Jacqueline Kennedy visit her page on the website of the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum.

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Photo: The photo of Jacqueline Kennedy is in the Public Domain.

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