Tuesday, November 27, 2012

George W. Bush's White House Tee Ball Initiative

George W. Bush
Pol Light Moment #33 is when George W. Bush started the White House Tee Ball Initiative in 2001. George W. Bush was the 43rd President of the United States, serving from 2001-2009. After Bush became President in 2001, he had a baseball diamond built on the White House Lawn and it was used to host Tee Ball games at the White House.

Teams were chosen to play at the White House by the Little League Association of America.  Wikipedia describes the White House Tee Ball Initiative this way:
In 2001, U.S. President Bush initiated what he described as the White House Tee Ball Initiative. The purpose was to promote interest in childhood sports, including baseball and softball. According to the White House, the Tee Ball Initiative promoted "a spirit of teamwork and service for America's youth." (Source).
There is an archives of the Presidential website  the way it appeared in 2008 that shows some of the tee ball events. The following video recognizes some of the teams who played at the White House during the George W. Bush presidency.

You can see a photo of a young George W. Bush in his Little League uniform at the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.   

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The photo of George W. Bush is in the Creative Commons of Wikipedia. It was taken by by Shawn Clark of Lazyeights Photography.

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