Thursday, November 22, 2012

Rosalyn Carter Institute for Caregiving

Rosalyn Carter
Pol Light Moment #31 is when the Rosalyn Carter Institute for Caregiving was started in 1987.  Rosalyn Carter served as First Lady of the United States from 1977-1981, when her husband Jimmy Carter was President. Rosalyn Carter has been an advocate for people who are caregivers of others and the formation of the Rosalyn Carter Institute for Caregiving at her alma mater seemed like a very good fit.

According to Wikipedia's article on Rosalyn Carter,
Carter is president of the board of directors for the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving (RCI) at Georgia Southwestern State University, her alma mater in Americus, Georgia. The RCI, which was established in 1987, aims to address issues related to caregiving in America and internationally. The institute focuses its work on both family and professional caregivers for individuals living with chronic illness and disabilities, limitations related to aging, and other health concerns across the lifespan. It plays a major role in moving science into practice for caregivers by supporting the implementation of evidence-based programs and interventions for caregivers in community settings (Source/Retrieved 11/22/2012).
Rosalyn Carter provides a message on the Rosalyn Carter Institute for Caregiving website. She said that over 66 million people are serving as caregivers from someone in need and that her motivation for this cause comes from her personal experience of having to be a caregiver at various stages of her life (Source).

Here is a video of some of the work of the Rosalyn Carter Institute for Caregiving's work.

Rosalyn Carter said this in an interview about caregiving, "What we’ve learned at the Rosalynn Carter Institute is if you don’t learn to care for yourself, then you’re not going to be able to be the best caregiver that you can be for the one who is ill. That was the book I wrote, Helping Yourself Help Others (Source)."

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