Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Elise Stefanik Becomes Youngest Woman Ever Elected to Congress

Pol Light Moment #94 happened on November 4, 2014, when Elise Stefanik was elected to the U.S. Congress to represent New York's 21st Congressional District. Elise Stefanik became the youngest woman ever elected to Congress at age 30. She was born on July 2, 1984, and she secured the primary nomination to represent her party at age 29.

The following is Elise Stefanik giving her acceptance speech the night of November 4, 2014.

Prior to the election of Elise Stefanik, former Brooklyn Representative Elizabeth Holtzman held the record for the youngest woman to serve in Congress. Holtzman was elected in 1973 at age 31 and she continued to check each election cycle to see if a younger woman was in a position to break her record. Elizabeth Holtzman said about Elisie Stafanik's campaign, "But hats off to her. We need more young women in Congress (New York Post, November 3, 2014)."

You can read some more information on Elise Stefanik's election to Congress at these links.

Pol Light does not endorse political candidates. We present a brighter side to politics when they are found on either side of the aisle. We don't have to agree with all of a person's politics to recognize these bright moments.

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