Saturday, November 15, 2014

Jennifer Granholm Rides Bicycle to Work

Photo of Jennifer Granholm
Jennifer Granholm
Pol Light Moment #103 happened during the Summer of 2008, when Jennifer Granholm rode her bicycle to work several days a week.  One specific day she rode her bicycle to work was Wednesday, July 3, 2008. Jennifer Granholm was the Governor of the State of Michigan from 2003-2011.

Jennifer Granholm rode her bicycle to her work at Michigan's capital in Lansing, Michigan several times a week during the Summer of 2008 as part of an effort to demonstrate to citizens how they could save money and help the environment.  The residence of the Governor, where Jennifer Granholm lived at the time, is about 3 miles from the Capital. In addition to riding a bicycle, Jennifer Granholm also rode the public bus system known in Lansing, Michigan as CATA to demonstrate how to save money and help the environment.

Here are some online articles about Jennifer Granholm riding her bicycle to work.
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Photo: The photo of Jennifer Granholm is believed to be in the Public Domain according to the Quote Collection.

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