Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ken Cuccinelli Saves Trucker from Fire

Pol Light Moment #44 is when Ken Cuccinelli saved a trucker from a fire on January 25, 2013. Ken Cuccinelli is the Attorney General in the State of Virginia, a position he has held since 2010. From 2002-2010 he served in the Virginia State Senate.

On January 25, 2013, Ken Cuccinelli and his driver Cory Chenard were driving on I-64 near Louisa, Virginia. They noticed smoke and burning tires in the truck ahead of them. The Trucker's Report said,
They were able to get the driver to pull over, and after checking to make sure that she was okay, they retrieved a fire extinguisher and were able to put out the fire. Cuccinelli said the driver clearly didn't know there had been a problem, but it looked like the issue was that her brakes had locked up and the friction had caused the fire (Source). 
Here is a news story on the moment when Ken Cuccinelli helped save a trucker from a fire.

For more information on this read an article at the Trucker's Report about this moment.

Pol Light does not endorse political candidates. We present a brighter side to politics when they are found on either side of the aisle. We don't have to agree with all of a person's politics to recognize these bright moments.

The photo of Ken Cuccinnelli is in the Wikipedia Commons and is attributed to Cage Skidmore.

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